golf 9 in 120 but don’t ask

Nice day at the office.  Double Bacon Cheeseburger with melted cheese and gravy over fries, and cole slaw (why is cole slaw called cole slaw?) for lunch.  Backed up my 400+ gigabyte hard drive (going to have it formatted on Monday – fresh start = speed and less errors), then after work, visited my parents, who in their 70s went to watch mashed potato wrestling at the Fort Fairfield Maine Potato Blossom Festival with an aunt and uncle of mine. 

On my drive back to my apartment, the weather along with the temperature awoke my mental synapses to the possibility of nine holes of golf.  The first and only course that came to mind was the Limestone Country Club, owned and managed by Craig Phair and his wife.  $5 for 9 holes, $14 for a cart = good value.

Setting my address on hole one, the smells of the outdoors, the sound of birds engaged in conversation, the warm temperature, no breeze – man, just the atmosphere was worth the price of admission! 

I won’t bore with the details of my incredible ineptness at this sport.  I had no one ahead of me, and two young men behind me.  They brought me my seven iron that I had left on the first hole.  Thanks, guys.  I had some “HITECH” golf balls – pink – that I didn’t mind wandered into the trees.  Several balls bounced off the trees, one coming back at me at a high velocity.  My putting was solid – no 3 putts. 

Anyway, I made it through nine holes in less than 120 minutes.  I had an excellent time.  Arookstook County summer’s are not very long.  An evening like tonight was blissful.  The sunset on my way home was bold as the purple and pink of the twilight clouds yielded to the yellow ball.


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