Meaningful Mondays

The transition from weekend (more “me” time) to Monday, especially Monday mornings.  I know, others have different work schedules, but for me, I have had this same schedule since 1981.  So you would think I would get the hang of it.

And today, I got a little better at it. 

Physically, I slept around 7 hours – I could probably use more, but my sleep patterns are not ‘normal’.  (Saturday night, I think I got 2 hours of sleep in total, but a sleep a few hours before church, made it to church, then cleaned my car, ate, then napped until 5).

But the meat of my Monday came in several small moments:

– coached a fellow employee to see where he could improve and saw him take my suggestion.

– sincerely complimented my doctor, and saw a smile of appreciation (along with his verbal thanks).

– saw a look on my 79 year old father, a complex look of age, determination, yet along with warmth and kindess.

– hearing my mother laugh out loud like I haven’t heard for a long time (yes, she was laughing AT me!);

– and a nice Facebook conversation with my Colorado daughter while in my recliner, drinking a freshly made strawberry (fresh!) smoothie.

Mondays are a challenge, will always be a challenge.  Monday mornings especially need preparation, thought, and determination.  Attitude goes a long ways.  Allowing fellow employees to transition as well – hearing their stories, connecting.  And along with these things, look for the blessings or good things, meaningful things, along the way. 

That’s one of the cool things for me about blogging.  It’s not really a journal for me, but a way for me to communicate, express my thoughts and opinions, to reflect and opine, as well as lay a foundation for each new day.

Look out!  Tuesday morning is just around the corner…. (sneaky)….


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