Come Let Us Reason

Some may recognize the theme of the title from Isaiah 1:18.  Others may find the title an inviting call to civility and courtesy, two characteristics and behaviors that seem to have fallen out of fashion.

Albert Einstein, the famous scientist, is attributed to the quote, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

I am not sure what the argument might be against both logic and imagination.  These two siblings are well-represented with a healthy adult brain.  Reason and creativity.  They have helped us get to here.  Hopefully, they will be what we cling to in the years ahead.

But these are dark times.  I am one to lean towards the positive when it comes to a life view.  But I am also a realist that has taken into account the growing civil unrest and angst in both local and national levels.  Crimes continue to be horrific.  The cheating and lying and violence in corporate America and behind the front door of most homes has not abetted but rather taken the insidious nature of a disease.

Take a personal assessment.  Maybe it’s you or someone you live with or work with or with who you attend school.  How is their happiness quotient these days?

I will be addressing a variety of topics but I do not want to be just another voice, noise pollution in a noisy crowd.  And I welcome civility and courtesy in discourse.  Anger, yes.   Emotion, yes.  Vulgarity and unsubstantiated opinion can be left elsewhere.  State what you believe, what you think, and also answer the question ‘why?’ you take that stance.

Come, let us reason…together.

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